COVID-19 Clinical Update

Dear Patients and Family Members,


The COVID-19 pandemic led us to cease on-site operations on March 16, 2020. Following a directive on May 26, 2020 from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, we are starting a slow restart of clinical services and have begun low-risk cardiac testing at our office effective June 1, 2020. Please see the attached bulletin for June 2020 below (Update #2) for full details but we will continue to provide most clinical visits with the cardiologist using virtual care either over telephone or telemedicine with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). We encourage patients to visit the link below for Ontario Telemedicine Home Visit to register such that your physician may utilize this service.


*Please note you may receive a call from a blocked number. This may be your physician calling you for the follow up*


We also ask all our patients coming in for testing to wear a mask or facial covering for the duration of their test and patients who do not will have their testing re-scheduled or cancelled.


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